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Embroidery Files

2016 RowByRow Bee Embroidery Files

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the file will download to your computer

Bird House Bees.JEF Bee Hive Bees.JEF Nose Bee.JEF
Bird House Bees.EMD Bee Hive Bees.EMD Nose Bee.EMD

Bee Hive Bees.EXP Bird House Bees.EXP Nose Bee.EXP

Bee Hive Bees.PES Bird House Bees.PES Nose Bee.PES
Bee Hive Bees.PEC Bird House Bees.PEC Nose Bee.PEC

Bee Hive Bees.VP3 Bird House Bees.VP3 Nose Bee.VP3
Bee Hive Bees.VIP Bird House Bees.VIP Nose Bee.VIP
Bee Hive Bees.HUS Bird House Bees.HUS Nose Bee.HUS
Bee Hive Bees.SHV Bird House Bees.SHV Nose Bee.SHV

Bee Hive Bees.PCS Bird House Bees.PCS Nose Bee.PCS
Bee Hive Bees.PCD Bird House Bees.PCD Nose Bee.PCD
Bee Hive Bees.PCQ Bird House Bees.PCQ Nose Bee.PCQ
Bee Hive.PCM Hoop too Large  Bird House Bees.PCM Nose Bee.PCM

Bee Hive Bees.CSD Bird House Bees.CSD Nose Bee.CSD
Bee Hive Bees.XXX Bird House Bees.XXX Nose Bee.XXX

Bee Hive Bees.DST Bird House Bees.DST Nose Bee.DST







2015 Lakeside Serenity

Left Side Fish
Fish.COL Fish.HUS Fish.PEC
Fish.CSD Fish.JAN Fish.PES
Fish.DST Fish.JEF Fish.VIP
Fish.EMD Fish.JPX Fish.VP3
Fish.EXP Fish.PCS Fish.XXX


Right Side Fish
Fish2.COL Fish2.HUS Fish2.PEC
Fish2.CSD Fish2.JAN Fish2.PES
Fish2.DST Fish2.JEF Fish2.VIP
Fish2.EMD Fish2.JPX Fish2.VP3
Fish2.EXP Fish2.PCS Fish2.XXX


LEFT Tree Leaves
RxR Leaves Left.COL RbR Leaves Left.HUS RbR Leaves Left.PEC
RbR Leaves Left.CSD RbR Leaves Left.JAN RbR Leaves Left.PES
RbR Leaves Left.DST RbR Leaves Left.JEF RbR Leaves Left.VIP
RbR Leaves Left.EMD RbR Leaves Left.JPX RbR Leaves Left.VP3
RbR Leaves Left.EXP RbR Leaves Left.PCS RbR Leaves Left.XXX


RIGHT Tree Leaves
RbR Leaves Right.COL RbR Leaves Right.HUS RbR Leaves Right.PEC
RbR Leaves Right.CSD RbR Leaves Right.JAN RbR Leaves Right.PES
RbR Leaves Right.DST RbR Leaves Right.JEF RbR Leaves Right.VIP
RbR Leaves Right.EMD RbR Leaves Right.JPX RbR Leaves Right.VP3
RbR Leaves Right.EXP RbR Leaves Right.PCS RbR Leaves Right.XXX





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